Our Vision: To become by 2015 the leader in the Turkish bathroom sector and a respectable establishment which is the most preferred by its customers and employees within the global market with its products and solutions that raise the comfort of life.

Our Mission: Kalevit; with its Kale brand, is a company that provides total bathroom products for every home and settlement with its high-quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing and accessible products.

Kalevit Sanitary Ceramic Industries Inc., which operates in the Turkish bathroom products sector with the Kale brand and the motto “My Life, My Dreams, Kale”; produces and sells sanitary wares and supplementary products, bathroom and kitchen fittings and accessories, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays, shower and bathtub cabins. Kalevit was established in 1993 by Turkey’s biggest and leading ceramic coating manufacturer Kale Group to produce ceramic sanitary products. This investment made to the sanitary products range which was foreseen as a developing market has developed over the years and has spread widely within the domestic sales outlets. In 1999 a partnership agreement was signed with the Spanish Roca Group, which is the biggest construction materials manufacturer of Europe, to gain more momentum.

After this agreement the company, which took the name of Kalevit Roca Sanitary Ceramics Industries Inc., by the year 2000 has continued its activities within the market with the RocaKale brand and became the 2nd biggest brand in the sanitary wares market in 2005. In 2005 it invested in its fittings assembly line and in 2007 in its acrylic manufacturing facililty.

The company, which continues its operation in the Çan/Semedeli facilities in Çanakkale, with a 40.000 m2 indoor and a total of 80.000 m2 space, has increased its sanitary wares capacity to 2.000.000 pieces with the latest distribution investment made. Kalevit, which has a fittings assembly line capacity of 500.000 pieces/year and an acrylic production capacity of 100.000 pieces/year, begun its shower tray and bathtub cabin production in 2009 and took its place among the biggest bathroom materials producers in Turkey.

Kale Group has always seen its reason of being as making investments that would contribute to its place of birth and to Turkey, it has grown with its own capital and has overcome many financial crises successfully. With the same growth and investment target the decision was made to continue 100% with the Kale brand and all the company shares were bought from Roca in 2009. The firm which has continued its operations with the Kale brand since 2009, offers whole bathroom solutions that increase comfort of life. The quality of Kale brand bathroom products have been certified with TSE, DIN and many internationally accepted certificates. As well as having product quality certificates, our company also has the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. As a company that places importance to quality and design, keeps up with change, bases its activities on productivity, makes it a rule to operate in a customer-oriented manner, Kalevit makes a difference in the bathroom sector with its high quality products, aesthetically pleasing, functional and accessible designs, with its philosophy of environmental protection in its manufacturing process and products and its after-sales service support. Kale, which combines its high-quality product concept with a high-quality service concept, continues this mentality during its sales and after-sales service processes.

Kale will grow in the future too by investing in human resources and technology; and will continue to increase comfort of living with its functional, aesthetically pleasing and accessible products.
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